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Consultation by video, phone, or in-person


ICCRC Certified Consultants


Clear evaluation of your chances


Plan your best immigration path to Canada

How an Immigration Consultation Works

The immigration consultation takes place through voice/video chat, or in person. All information you share remains strictly confidential. We will get to know you and your situation in a relaxed setting, where you will be free to discuss your concerns. During the consultation, our consultants will:

  • Analyze the relevant details about your background, goals, and challenges
  • Assess your chances under more than 60 immigration programs, spanning the Economic, Family, and Business/Investment classes
  • Discuss and advise on how to overcome any obstacles that are hindering your application
  • Address any concerns or questions you have
  • Determine the best immigration options for you, considering cost, speed, and chances of success

Reasons to Get a Consultation

Confirm eligibility and chances

Avoid a visa refusal

Improve CRS score

Overcome inadmissibility issues

Get an Immigration Action Plan

What Our Customers Say

“Before the meeting I was so confused about the process. Gabriel was very understanding and he took the time to explain my options in a clear way. Fortunately there is a way for me to get my PR! He gave me a detailed outline of the best strategy for me to use to get my permanent residence, which was so helpful. I highly recommend Gabriel and this company”

Alexander Sorkin

"I had an unusually complicated situation involving a renounced citizenship, diplomatic status, and a family sponsorship application. I was so glad to receive Mr Bas Brusche’s help and advice. I was very impressed with the results of his research. Everything was carefully based on solid legal grounds and yet was so clear and simple to understand. His advice marked the path for a successful strategy. I would strongly recommend Mr Brusche to anyone planning to immigrate to Canada”.     

Luis Brasdefer - Mexican Trade Commissioner for Western Canada

"The people at Meridian really care! I appreciate them working with my busy schedule and making themselves available at a convenient time. Gabriel really knows his stuff. His consultation was thorough and professional and gave me all the answers I needed. The service is well worth it and highly recommended."

Joao Oliviera

You can count on our experience and honest advice

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Bas Brusche, RCIC

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