Immigrate to Canada Through Business or Investment

Immigrate to Canada Through Business or Investment

Canada welcomes successful foreign nationals who can make a significant contribution to the economy. Canada and the Provinces have several fast-track business immigration opportunities which allow  entrepreneurs, investors, and the successfully self-employed to obtain permanent residence. Candidates are expected to demonstrate strong entrepreneurial skills and business management experience. Most programs require a strong personal net worth, making a substantial investment in Canada, and/or opening a business in the country.

Business Immigration Options:

Start-Up Visa

The Federal Start-Up Visa Program allows foreign entrepreneurs to obtain permanent residence by starting a Canadian business with private sector support.

Self-Employed Program

The Federal Self-Employed Program is aimed at foreign nationals who have relevant professional experience in cultural activities or athletics.

Provincial Business Immigration Programs

Most Canadian provinces and territories, including Quebec, provide numerous business immigration options for entrepreneurs.

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