We are the Experts in Family Sponsorship

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We are the Experts in Family Sponsorship

Contact us to discuss your sponsorship application today

Family Class Immigration

Family reunification is one of the key pillars of Canadian immigration policy, and visa applications under the Family Class category get a high priority at Canadian Visa Offices. Under the Family Class, Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their close family members, including spouses, partners, dependent children, parents, and grandparents.

Sponsor Requirements

In addition to being a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident, a sponsor must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Not be in prison, bankrupt, charged with a serious criminal offence, or under a removal order
  • Not be recieving social assistance for reasons other than a disability

Sponsors must be residing inside Canada. The one exception to this rule is for Canadian citizens, sponsoring a spouse, partner, or dependent child, who intend to return to Canada once the sponsored person becomes a permanent resident.

Furthermore, a sponsor must demonstrate the financial ability to provide the sponsored person with their essential needs when in Canada, should they not be able to provide for themselves. The sponsor must commit to this support through a written agreement with the government of Canada or Quebec.

The length of this commitment depends on which family member is being sponsored:

Sponsored Person All provinces except Quebec Quebec
Spouse/common-law/conjugal partner 3 years 3 years
Child under 13 years of age 10 years 10 years, or until age 18*
Child 13 to 21 years old 10 years, or until age 25* 3 years, or until age 22*
Child 22 years of age or older 3 years 3 years, or until age 25*
Parent or grandparent 20 years 10 years
Other relative 10 years 10 years
*whichever is longer

Types of Sponsorship

Our Services

We provide advice and representation for the complete sponsorship process. This includes temporary resident visas, work permits, permanent residence, and citizenship. Our services begin with a consultation to determine your eligibility and devise a sponsorship strategy.  We handle all types of cases, from the straightforward to the complex.

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